Recent Paintings

Recent Paintings

This is a gallery of my recent paintings. I have been working on larger format paintings that can take several months to complete. Acrylic paint is my medium of choice for now.

My most recent painting project is entitled “Singularity”. If you have stamina to read about the entire process you can begin here.

Glorified Doodle -Singularity
Singularity – 30 X 40

The following 4 paintings are my first paintings “post retirement as a Web Developer” – or as I like to refer to them as “Post Web“. Select an image to learn more about the painting process.

Paint pouring can be fun. I like to do several pours on one canvas. I allow each pour layer to dry creating a tangible, touchable effect. It doesn’t always go well and of course I can’t leave the paint alone while it’s drying – “I must muck” and often I get muck.