Paintings – reboot

The following gallery of paintings are a representation of my “reboot” as an Artist – after a 17 year break I started on my journey back to being a painter.

^ The above works were about learning new techniques. Simple small landscapes are a great place to start.

^ The first year (2014) was all about trying new approaches and doing 2-3 paintings a week. Initially the images were completed in a matter of a few hours and rarely larger than 16 X 20 in.

^ The subject was not the priority … “just painting” was the goal.

^ My confidence with technique was returning after a year of just painting. Landscapes were becoming repetitive and mundane, time to experiment.

^ Playing with colour, brush technique and arbitrarily masking shapes and applying paint. Abstraction was beginning to find its way into my work.

^ Abstraction was taking hold. An identifiable landscape was not the intention but often the result.

^ After two and a half years – Abstraction! Then something happened – I began drawing again. During my journey I never drew or planned my paintings. Time to relearn “the joy of drawing“.