Drawings reboot

Drawings – reboot

I rebooted my love of painting after a 17 year hiatus. After about 2 years “relearning” to paint I realized it was time I rebooted my love of drawing. The following is a gallery of that journey.

^ My first drawings in almost 20 years — “I had some learnin’ ta do …”

^ Pencil work was fun but I was getting bogged down and being too careful – so I switched to ink. This quashed my desire to use an eraser.

^ Back to graphite with more vigor and less desire to correct – the ink helped!

^ Roots and branches and twisted tree trunks are a great subject to have fun with.

^ Another break from graphite to do some doodling with fine tip markers. So much fun when starting at a single point on the paper and going for it. Then add some graphite for shading and depth and maybe some experimental colour.

^ Trees are cool. Some scribbles here, a line or two, some shading and twisting and you might get lucky and create something interesting. I live in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and they are a great subject for learning form, shading and atmospheric depth.

^ I’m starting to get a good feel for the medium so why not start experimenting with some fantasy type landscapes.

After about a year of relearning how to draw I felt confident that I could keep the momentum going. Check out my recent Drawings and Paintings.