Painting Studio

So … I worked for 21 years as a Web Developer for the sole purpose of retiring. Well OK, it was also to acquire toys and stuff, like a house, vehicles and educational funding for the offspring. Working as a web developer was the best “job” ever but I had to put my art on hold during that time, but not my creativity.

And now … because I am retired I can do whatever I want.

I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good.

Ed Ritchie

This is my first web built using the WordPress platform. As I thought, some learning curves were encountered. Not that WordPress is hard to use but rather learning to work within it’s limitations – that was the challenge.

As I mentioned above I have retired from web development so the last thing I wanted was to be bogged down with coding. I can easily build and manage this entire site without touching a drop of code (I hope). Frustrating at times for sure but I can adapt.

I built my first web page way back in 1996 using an Amiga 4000 computer. I was hopelessly plodding along at that time as an Artist. The World Wide Web (as it was referred to then) was becoming “the thing”. I saw this as my chance to showcase my work. I quickly taught myself HTML and built my first web site – an online Art Gallery.

The web was too new and I knew too little. Off I went for a one year higher education stint to learn more. Web coding and design grabbed me by the nuts and would not let go until 21 years later.

As I write this I no longer make a living as a Web Developer – that’s what they call it now. Webmaster used to be the much loftier title – of course back then anyone building a web page designated themselves with the status of Webmaster.

Anyway, I hope this web serves its purpose and those who manage to find their way here find it interesting.

I plan to keep this site current and up to date with my latest artwork.