Nothing changes

Here I sit again pondering the meaning of the universe … no wait, that is not at all what I’m doing. Instead I’m pondering what I should write about this week. It’s not like anything has drastically changed. 

All is more or less the same.

Warning: opinion and rambling gibberish to follow (skip to art – or scroll down past the fluff)

Having said that I have always felt that no matter how much things change they don’t change. I remember when I was young, like decades ago, I was excited about the “science fiction future”. When I graduated from college way back in the 80’s, the year 2022 (which is now) seemed so far away, surely by now just like in the movies it would be fantastic. 

Yes, a lot of things are like science fiction. We have handheld computers that are more powerful than anything I could imagine. Vehicles and other forms of transportation are completely bogged down with electronics and computer components. Actually, almost everything is polluted with some form of a computer thing-a-ma-jig. Good luck trying to repair these things 20 years from now. We just throw stuff away and buy more.

Yet as I look around nothing has changed. We still bomb the crap out of our fellow human beings. We ridicule anyone who has an opinion that threatens the status quo. We all claim to be right and everyone else is wrong. Everyone still whines about how the economy and job markets suck. As always everything that is wrong with the world is the fault of the previous generation.

There I go again — expressing an opinion. Dang it this is an art site, enough of my gibberish, let’s move on.

More drawings and stuff

So back to my original point of what to write about, I have nothing much to say about my work. I just did more of what I always do, a little of this, and a little of that. 

On with the art stuff!

A typical composition with trees, towers, rocks and mountains
Fun to get graphic once and awhile
A small tower
A quick tower sketch
A stylized tower town
Another typical landscape sketch
Mostly rocks and boulders
Trees on a cliff
A quick 5 minute sketch (which usually turn out the best)

That’s it for this week, that’s all I have to say, perhaps my images say more. Have a great week and as always the header image for this post is repeated below.

Blissful clouds with some birds (or just a couple of pen strokes)

One comment

  1. Oh, so true about things never really changing! We “improve” technologically, etc., but people stay people-y. Greedy. Cruel, Foolish. Naive. Selfish. Etc. And WOW yes, about the way things seem like they’ll be so different in the future! The 1st time I felt like that was when I was 7, going on 8. The movie “Frankenstein 1970” was due out that year (1958) & the ads were wild! 1970 was sooooooo far away! It’d be a whole different world! There’d be cyclotron this time & other atomic age monster-making tools! Never did see the movie but when 1970 rolled around it was pretty much the same world, except for the addition of bell bottom pants & love beads. 🙃 As always I love these things you made. They want to be explored…they’re beautiful and intriguing! 🤗👋


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