Do what you want

Another week passes and all is well, umm … well, maybe for me. I don’t suppose that’s something you can say about the world in general. Yet, there is a world full of people who carry on in their blissful contentment of knowing nothing. Enough said!

This week I did what I wanted to do, at least as far as my artwork is concerned. As I have often stated, (and it’s in my tagline above), I don’t need to sell my work, show my work or even be any good. 

This week I kept true to my artistic philosophy and did what I like doing best, regardless of whether it was any good. What did I do you may ask? Well, I’m gonna tell ya, actually I’m gonna show you.

Ink Drawing Binge

I went on an ink drawing binge, mostly my style of buildings and some landscapes. Of course I will only show off the ones I like. I was totally self-indulgent in what I drew. 

I rarely plan my final images, I simply draw variations of the same subject or composition until I get a good one. I don’t plan because I like the thrill of surprise, yep sometimes I stumble upon something new, or a different way of doing the same thing.

I’m also at that stage in my artistic life (or age) where I no longer feel the need to constantly explore new ideas, techniques or subjects. I did all that decades ago. I proved to myself what I can and can’t do, and now, I do what I want, and whatever makes me feel good.

Trees, buildings and — rocks, boulders, stones, mountains?

I like making squiggles on paper, hopefully you enjoy the squiggles in the images below.

Quite pleased with this one
A nice upward flow
A fence line seemed the thing to add
If you like something, do it again – another fence line
A landscape and a tower on a mountain

Yep, rocks and trees – a favourite composition
Trees, rocks and mountains
A quickie landscape sketch
When I tire of towers and landscapes a twisted tree is always fun
Sometimes a five minute quickie is all you need.

That’s it for this week, that’s all I have to say, perhaps my images say more. Have a great week and as always the header image for this post is repeated below.

(Digital painting) – blissful clouds and mountain tops, because I love clouds – don’t we all?

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