Some things just ain’t important

Missing two blog posts in a row just ain’t that important. With all the nonsense that is going on in the world, what I have been doing with my art simply does not matter.

Everyday it seems we get closer and closer to the “grand apocalypse“. I can’t remember a time in my life when that thought wasn’t there. With that said I might as well carry on and do a review of my artistic endeavours since my last post.

Over the last little while I have managed to work myself up to doing larger ink renderings. My thought was that if I went bigger I would be able to work on an image over several sessions. That has not been the case. I moved up to 9 X 12 inch paper, somehow I’m still able to finish an image in one sitting. I would like to go bigger but … good luck finding an affordable scanner bigger than 9 X 12 inches. 

A bigger scanner won’t … ack, — stop … who cares?  

The Great Apocalypse

Yep, it doesn’t matter, writing about my self-indulgent art means nothing. 

The apocalypse is on its way, … or not! A changing world order is about to happen. What happens in what for me is a far, far away land, will determine that new order. Of course the “legacy media” are having orgasm after orgasm reporting on the situation. Probably best to just bury my head in the sand and get used to living on cheap no-name brand noodles. 

Crazy financial advice on YouTube says purchase gold … go ahead, Amazon won’t be delivering it to your doorstep. It’ll be stored in some well protected vault in another country. Good luck trying to claim it in the future.

So what can one do? Exactly what I just said, bury your head in the sand and carry on like all is well. Wear your muzzle, show your silly little QR code to everyone and believe everything the “legacy media” tells you. And whatever you do … don’t listen to anyone who has a different opinion from yours. Oh yeah, make sure to “follow the science” that supports your needs.

Ick, ack, erg … yoinks … WTF … I just spewed out a bunch of opinions, sorry my bad. Hopefully it won’t happen again. 

For fricks sake … show me some pictures

During my absence from this blog I still managed to produce a number of images. You be the judge as to what value they have. I actually like some of them, well, at least the ones I’m showing below … duh!

Reclamation of a shack
Rocks and snaking vines
Shell of its former self
Not the sturdiest foundation

Quick studies for the larger images

The next few images are quick ink studies (about 4 X 6 inches) to hash out some of the ideas for the larger images above.

Vines, roots and broken down old shacks
Quickie sketches and precariously perched shacks
Fun with tall skinny towers

That’s it for now, hopefully no more opinions. And of course the header image from this post for those that view via email.

Human made stuff never lasts – who is that fellow standing there?


  1. I love your art. As for the war, lets hope it won’t come to WWIII but I’m afraid there is not much we can do. I just can’t understand why 1 person can start a war just like that. How Putin can live with himself and sleep at night is beyond me. He must be a psychopath and mentally ill, there is no other explanation for this.

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  2. I LOVE THESE!!!! Sorry for shouting but WOW! The way you draw them creates so much drama. The structures seem to be part of the earth, grown from it somehow. There’s a sense (to me) of shared life. Flora? Fauna? Dunno. But the buildings are part of it. And each of the drawings has a distinct “vibe.” I want to see who or what inhabits them. I want to know how those tree limbs managed to become one with a house. I’d like to see them & explore them, life-size. Like on a movie set? …….Well, OK, I guess that’s enough blathering from me. Thank you for sharing these!! 👏👏👏👏👏

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