Original Intentions

Originally when I created this website, which quickly evolved into a blog, (or some might say devolved), my intention was to use this site as a place to showcase my artwork.

Over the past 2 weeks my mind has been occupied with thoughts other than my art. Fortunately that has not prevented me from producing work. In a way, my preoccupation with those thoughts has allowed me to “just do it,” just draw and not think too hard about it. 

Having said that, I have also been lax in my thinking of what to write. Of course it could just simply be a matter of my natural born laziness.

Lazy or simply occupied with other thoughts means you need not suffer through my feeble attempts at writing. Creating weekly posts creates the illusion of me doing something worthwhile. After all I’ve been retired for over 3 years, “gotta look busy, ya know!”

That’s that, time to “showcase” my work.

Carry on with real ink, real paper

The following images are ink on paper. I have given digital art a rest. Hopefully when I return to digital art the vacation will inject new vigour. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

I was able to continue with my “auto drawing” technique in the drawing below. By the way, if you are viewing this on mobile the image appears very small, in fact it is very large. Yet another annoyance of digital. I have included some closeups.

Two days of ink scratching and hatching – click for larger view
Nothing lasts
Built on a facade
Perhaps a cozy place to live at one time

Landscape Sketches

The absence of thinking allowed me to easily produce a good number of landscape sketches.

Trees on a hillside
Trees on rocks
Twisted tree
A lone tree
Tree line

Tower Sketches

The ink was flowing quite nicely this week and the towers were popping up everywhere.

Precarious balance
Ratty old tower
Cabin on the edge
Towers on tall rocks
No way up, no way down

Interesting times (header image)

Enjoy your day and have a great week.

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