Every Drawing is a New Drawing

Just like every day is a new day, so it is with drawing. A drawing currently being worked on is always the culmination of everything an artist knows. That being the case, not every image created demonstrates that.

Some days are good days, others not so good. This is the same with drawing, some good, some not so good. It’s how you deal with those bad drawings that determine the next.

Over my many years of drawing I have learned not to let a failed drawing spoil the next one, (most of the time). While drawing I usually know when I’m failing, how I deal with that realization is the key. I can stop, start a new one, or carry on. The important thing is to not let a dud cripple your attitude for the next or current creation.

A saying goes something like this: yesterday is gone, tomorrow has yet to arrive, only today matters. The same is true with drawing, the last drawing is done, the next drawing hasn’t happened and only the current one matters.

Yes, I suppose one could argue that drawings/paintings can be fixed afterwards, or one can work on more than one at a time, or spread a project out over several days. 

Anyway, hopefully my feeble philosophical ramblings make some sense. Enough about that and time for me to show off some of my recent drawings.

Take a breath, slow down and chill

If you read last weeks post you will know I mostly ignored the advice I just offered. 

This week was a new week and the drawing experience felt much better. To recover from my bout of mediocrity I chose ink on paper instead of digital. To break out of a drawing funk I like to just draw shapes and forms with nothing in mind.

No goal in mind, just play

The above drawing got me back on track. The next two images were about letting the mind go blank and enjoying the process.

If at first you succeed then you may as well do another.

Starting from a single mark and working outward
Sitting number one
Day 2 – more ink work
The final image – last week I rushed, this week I slowed it down

This next image is the same process except that I increased the paper size from 6 X 9 inches to 8 X 10 inches. The bigger size keeps me from trying to do the drawing in one sitting.

New day, new start
Good progress during sitting number one
New day, all is well, carry on
The final image

With each new day something new appears (header image)

That’s all I have to say for now, have a great week and remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow does not exist, only now matters.

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