Started strong …

Another week goes by and the creative juices are flowing … then the creative tank springs a link and the thrill is gone.

Over the previous two weeks I was having great success. I had created two triptychs using a process I quite liked. You can read about the process in previous posts.

Then this week I had this silly notion; “ … hey, maybe I could use the same process using digital tools … “! Well, all was good for the first two or three images and then poof — as usual I over-thought the process. I now have a renewed distaste for digital image creation.

Without any data to back up my claims (other than my experiences) I have come to the conclusion (for now) that digital art is a poor substitute for real world art.

I believe I have trash talked digital art several times in the past. There is no need to repeat myself. I’m sure it will only take a few digital successes to get me back on the digital bandwagon, for now I’m not a fan. This is of course based on the last two or three images I created.

Hm, could it be that I’m at fault — oh no, that couldn’t possibly be the situation! Sigh, if I had created some stinkers using pen and ink, I’m sure ink would be the problem, or graphite, or the paper, or some other inanimate object unable to defend itself.

Aaaand the cycle continues — high one day, low the next day, back up again — dang it! Recognizing this trend is the trick to keeping oneself from quitting altogether. My latest personal mantra is: “ … just do it, don’t quit … “!

Almost everyday I ask myself this question: “ … why in the world do I do what I do …”?

The Path to Mediocrity

Okay, enough of the self-therapy, time to have a look at my so-called artwork from this week. Pardon me for calling my work “artwork,” at best they are doodles. I love the doodling process however, thinking too much about the process abruptly slams the creative door shut. Yep, I managed to slam the door hard.

The following images were all created digitally, notice the slide toward mediocrity. The header image for this post is the culmination of that mediocrity, it’s not uncommon for someone other than myself to think otherwise, so I have included it. 

What do I know, I just make them — “ just do it, don’t quit … “?

Of course I could not resist working on a colour background
Quite pleased with this one, downhill after this
Thinking more about values instead of the drawing
Something quick, almost back on track
Over working the image
Rushed inking to get to values and colour, mediocrity has arrived

The image below (the header) was originally meant to be an ink render only, with no goal in mind. Unfortunately I got bogged down playing with colour and digital tools.

Way too much time and thought spent on this one

Have a great week and hopefully our “illustrious leaders” start doing the jobs they were hired to do?

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