Do it again, if you can?

Another week and I did it again. Last week I wrote about a project I was working on. You can read about the details in: Saturation Point Reached.

Remarkably (at least for me) I was able to carry on with another project using the same process as last week. Let me give a quick summary for those not having read the previous post.

To put it simply (hopefully): I created a triptych. Each of the three images were created independently and linked together using what I like to call “linking” points. 

Each image was created with ink markers using mostly parallel hatching strokes.

A Looping Triptych

As with last week, on each image I started from a single point with no final composition planned. 

However, I did find myself contriving the results. I also increased the size of the paper and the size of the felt marker tip. I’m hoping the larger size will make for a tighter look when digitized and viewed on a larger screen.

Image #1 – mostly all vertical hatching

The tightness of the first image motivated me to loosen up for image two. I also decided to include a recognizable structure. 

Image #2 – decided for more of an organic feel

Image three saw me somewhat (okay, completely) infatuated with branch like structures and even more of an organic look.

Image #3 – all about spindly branch like structures

If my previous triptych each image required more than one sitting. Although I went to a larger format this week each image was completed in one sitting. I attribute this to the looseness of the technique and the thicker line strokes.

Three Compositions

As with last week all three images are linked together to produce a loop. Once digitized these images are linked to create three individual compositions.

Group #1
Group #2
Group #3

Which composition do you find most interesting?

That’s it for today, have a great week, the sun is rising earlier every morning — enjoy!

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