It’s all new and still the same

I suppose it’s that time of the year again. As of January 1, 2022, everything previous is now officially history. We are free to blame the previous year for any current doom and gloom. If you follow the news that’s probably how you feel. 

No need for me to go into the mess that was 2021. For me it was just fine. Had I not watched a single news program or YouTube video I would have been oblivious to it all. May as well be like almost everyone and declare that this year will be better — will it be?

Anyway, I try to write only about my personal art endeavours and avoid social commentary. However, sit down with me over a few coffees and you may wish that I would keep my thoughts to myself.

With that, on to this weeks review of my artistic output. Simply put I must admit that I accomplished very little. Yep, it is, or was that time of the year when nothing gets done, or in my case — very little. If you wish you could even check out a post from two years ago where I talk about that very thing.

I did do something

Its not like I did nothing, I did however go (horror of horrors) three days without doing a single drawing or painting — I survived! That is the longest downtime I have experienced in almost two years. 

In my early years as an artist I often went weeks or months (and sadly years) doing nothing. I blamed it on “not enough time” or “I’m waiting to be inspired”. I feel confident in saying every artist has used these excuses at the very least — once. 

It is not inspiration or time that one needs, — it is discipline! 

Just do it, if the art work turns to garbage — big deal — one can always try again.

Digital Abstracts

Yep, I did do some digital paintings. I consider at least one an abstract, mind you though, one of them did its best to pull me into the world of representational art. Which promptly inspired me to just fool around with clouds. I was surprised to spot a UFO, I think it’s real?  

Feel free to click on the following images for larger views.

Fun with shapes, cropping could easily create new compositions
Kind of an abstract, much too representational for my liking, most likely holiday inspired
Playing in the clouds and spotted an actual UFO, this proves they exist – 😉

That’s all for now, I can’t believe I wrote this much, I thought for sure I was going to claim “not enough time” or “I’m not feeling inspired”. I just did it!

Note: I continue to add to “my pile of sketches,” I should try to find the time and inspiration to talk more about those. Have a great week.

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