Winter … again!

It’s not as if I hate winter, I just don’t like it.

Anyway, it’s also the holiday season and that means a break in ones routine. This can be a good thing but disruptive if one allows it to be. 

I look forward to January 1 — that’s when we reset and reflect.  While I wait for that day, I’ll loosen my belt and consume way too much of everything. The chaos of obligatory gift shopping is finally over.

Last post I claimed I might skip writing something this week. Um, I guess that didn’t happen? However, I’ve done my best to keep my meaningless words to a minimum.

Digital Abstract #12

Here are the images I created this week — including some close ups.

Cloud like image
Maybe bushes peeking out of the snow?
Digital Abstract #12 – An abstract or is it an abstract landscape? (also the header for this post)

Digital Abstract #13

Not much going on in my head while working on this, a good thing perhaps?

Some swirls, circles and shapes
More swirls, or maybe you see something more?
Just some blobs, unless you see something else
Digital Abstract #13 – going with a wintery theme, colour-wise (?)

Hopefully you have a fast internet connection and you were able to load these images without too much fuss. Talk at you next week — maybe. 

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