For your viewing pleasure

Hopefully the title of this post is true. Whatever the answer, please scroll down and check out my images from this week.

It seems that digital abstract painting is the master of my current direction (for now). Sometimes I throw a digital landscape into the mix. Below are four digital images I created this week. One could argue all four of them are abstracts, or are they?

Digital Abstracts?

Rather than going on endlessly and attempting to write something meaningful let’s have a look starting with the first image.

Digital Abstract #8

Digital Abstract #8 – I would say this one absolutely is an abstract, I see nothing in this image except maybe something floral or deep dark undergrowth.

Digital Abstract #9

Digital Abstract #9 – a person could say this one is not really an abstract, it might even be a landscape. Have you ever seen a landscape like this, what makes this a landscape?

Digital Abstract #10

Digital Abstract #10 – this image has basically the same elements as #9. Is it a landscape or an abstract?

Digital Abstract #11

Digital Abstract #11 – again this image has the same basic elements as the previous two images. Each image has a top two thirds with blueish squiggles and textures and a bottom third with yep, more squiggles and textures. Does that mean if the top is blueish then it becomes a landscape?

There you go, those are my thoughts about my most recent images. Your thoughts most likely differ, at least I hope so.

My belief is that abstract images are more conducive to interpretation than something representational. Yes, I  know, that’s my opinion, but what do I know. I just virtually throw colour, shape, form and values on the digital canvas in the hope of creating something interesting. Oh yeah, it also means I can shirk responsibility for anything I create … hehehe!

Ultimately it’s up to the viewer to find value in an image.  

Checking the calendar indicates my next post is Christmas Day, I might post, I might not. Hm, a holiday from posting might be nice? 

Just a note: I’m still adding to my “Pile of Sketches” (in case you were wondering).

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