Digital Abstract … easy?

For me digital abstract painting seems easy. I’m not overlay concerned with the outcome, so that makes it feel easy. Regardless of the reasons my digital abstracts are flowing with great ease. 

In my last post I felt like my results were not matching the process. The process was the fun part, the outcome fell short of expectations.

That seems to have changed this week. Not only is the process feeling great but I’m experiencing an appreciation of the finished image.

In my post before my last post (that’s two posts ago) I asked the question: “… could a 5 year old paint a digital abstract …”. This was of course with reference to the common statement about how a 5 year old could easily match abstract paintings in the real world. 

I chose not to answer the question, that would have required too much thinking and I’m lazy. However, now that I have produced a number of digital abstracts I can answer that question. Not only do I think a five year old can create digital abstracts, I think anyone with some computer experience can. Actually computer experience is not required. Using an iPad with Procreate (or other software) and an Apple Pencil would easily do the job.

Of course the final images will probably look like garbage (I guess you could argue all abstracts look like garbage). Not all will be garbage though, the five year olds will likely create some cool stuff. The adults, having spent years convincing themselves they can’t do art will fail. Yeah I know, that’s my opinion, but ya know, this is my blog and I can write whatever nonsense (bullsh##) I want.

Get to the abstracts — man!

Anyway, now that the preceding blah, blah and blah is out of the way, I might as well show off what I did this past week. I think they turned out quite well, your opinion may differ.

I snagged several closeups from each image and because they are abstracts, you could argue that each one is compositionally sound. I placed the parent images last, which should allow the closeups to be unique to themselves (unless you skipped ahead).

A linear treatment
Overlapping shapes are cool
I’m liking the softness of the shapes
Nice range of values from dark to light
Some cool glowing squiggles
Some bubbles appearing
Adding a lens flare or two is always fun
Sweet tasty colours

The Parent Images

Digital Abstract #5 – go to the light, go to the light …
Digital Abstract #6 – click or touch the image to see a larger version
Digital Abstract #6b – yep, a variation of the above image
Digital Abstract #7 – I like to think of this as my Christmas Abstract (also the header for this post)

There you go, another week and more eye candy, hopefully you find them interesting. Have a great week, the year is almost over, if that means anything?

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