The Joy of Abstract

The process of creating an abstract image can be extremely rewarding, the result — meh?

This is often my response upon completion of an abstract painting. Time zips by and my eyes are dazzled by colour, texture, light and all those other good things that make painting so appealing. 

Hit “Save … “, then quickly view the result on a different electronic screen and “… Boom ..” — what the …, where did the magic go? 

Not only does this happen for me in digital but also in the real world. I can work for days on one abstract (or minutes depending on the style) and be entranced during the entire process only to be let down by the result. For me the magic is in the process.

Of all the paintings I have done over the years the most likely ones to find themselves in the trash are my abstracts.  As much as I like “doing” abstract paintings, it does not take long for me to tire of the results, which in turn deadens the appeal of the process.

My journey down the digital abstract rabbit hole is still wonderfully appealing and the results are acceptable — so far. This is likely to change of course, I felt a tinge of “.. ick …” even while preparing the following images. 

Digital Abstract #2 and more …

In my previous post I showcased an image titled Digital Abstract #1. I naturally assumed the next one would be Digital Abstract #2 and the header for this post. 

That would be wrong, instead I’m in the honeymoon stage of digital abstracts. I have created several images this past week and two of them are the right proportions for the header. I may as well show them off, perhaps with some closeups, or you can just click the image for a larger view.

Abstract #2 – Yep, I’m exploiting some of the built in layer effects of Procreate
Closeup of Abstract #2
Abstract #3 – Originally intended for the post header – red was cool during the process
Closeup of Abstract #3
Abstract #4 (post header) – Created shortly before writing this post
Closeup of Abstract #4
Another closeup of Abstract #4

There you have it, more digital abstracts and I still like them, maybe not next week? 

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