Digital Abstract – is that real?

A common phrase you may hear in the real world is “… my 5 year old child could paint that …”. This is usually referring to abstract painting, you know, the ones that look like my kid painted it. Quite possibly the 5 year old could do that. Would that be the same for digital art?

I have no desire to present an argument for one or the other. I suppose I could define what abstract painting is, but I won’t, I’m lazy and that would require too much concentrated thinking. Today is not a day for thinking. 

Here’s a link to a definition of abstract painting.

Digital Abstract – my take

For me, creating an abstract digital painting seems incredibly easy only because of my familiarity with digital paint tools.

Digital painting is not at all messy. There is no paint to pour, or dribble, or flail wildly about with a paint brush, well, no wait, yes I can, but I never get it on my clothes.

Just like in the real world, digital abstract can become incredibly difficult if you don’t know when to stop. 

Another down side is that they are digital, which means they look best on a high resolution electronic screen. You could use a service and print to canvas but they would lack that tactile effect a great number of abstract paintings incorporate. 

Anyway, as I often remind readers (and myself) “… I don’t claim to be a writer … “ so it’s not like I could go on endlessly talking about digital abstract, instead I’ll show what I came up with this past week.

Digital Abstract Painting #1

The following image is what I will refer to as my first “official” digital abstract painting. I think I might make this a thing, at least for the next few weeks. This is based upon how easily my first image came to be. The first high is always the best. It will be interesting to see if over time I become dissatisfied with my abstract endeavours (probably). 

I thought it might be more useful if I include closeups. Images posted on the web tend to be of low quality, especially on Mobile. 

Annnd … no more talk, just show the image — c’mon man!

Digital Abstract #1 (quite the original title, eh!)
Colour variation of Digital Abstract #1 (unlikely one could easily do that in the “real world”)
Closeup of version #1 – I can easily slice and dice an image to create an entirely new image
Colour variation – I now have 4 images I could claim
The right half of Digital Abstract #1
The alternate colour closeup version – right side
An even closer closeup – a higher resolution could keep me going for awhile
And one more closeup

If you happen to be someone who reads this post via email you may ask where is the header image, you always post it here? Scroll up, yep all of the above images are the banner image … have a great week.


  1. YES! Digital art – abstracts! No mess, no cleanup, and endless options! One click? Change the colors. Another click? Change the composition. Click, then drag the cursor? Turn splats of color into undulating waves. Add light, darkness, saturation, texture – without starting all over again on a different ground. The ones you’re showing here are a joy to see! ::applause::

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello!

    I hope everything is well in your world. Digital abstract art is my favourite and I was wondering if you might allow me to use one of your images for my desktop background?

    We launched the new portal this past Tuesday. Haven’t received too much grief so far but I suspect the comments are coming! You can check it out at

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and please let me know about using your image!

    Take care,


    1. YEs absolutely use any of images you want. BTW, Karla … let me know which image you want and I can send you one with a proper size. If you just grab from my website it likely will be too small for your desktop.

      Let me know, and more digital abstracts on the way this Sunday.

      Will check out the new portal.



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