Foiled by me … again!

I had a plan, all I had to do was execute it. As usual being me I proceeded to undermine my plan. Naturally I blamed everything around me. The feline was too demanding, it’s cold outside, the digital software I’m working with sucks, I have a self-imposed time limit and the world in general is ruining my image. Oh, boo hoo! 

A quick gander in the mirror and I saw someone pointing a finger in my direction. Yep, it was me, who else could it be? Egads man, after all these years and hundreds of drawings/paintings I still managed to let the inner-self-poopy persona take over.  

Thus began an afternoon of asking myself why I had the audacity to think I had any business calling myself an artist, or even trying for that matter.

Aaand —stop! 

Of course every one of those excuses is incorrect (except for the cat — yes princess I’m talking about you), later after some herbal remedies I was able to reflect upon the situation.

The next day all was well in my universe and yes, the cat is still as demanding as ever — sigh. Okay enough with the pity-party, time to move on.

The image that nearly broke me

Although I detest the following image (the digitally coloured version) I decided to showcase it here in an attempt to flush it’s smell from my psyche.

I really, really liked this “sketch” — I thoughtlessly assumed I could simply import it and colour it — FAIL!!
I had no patience and immediately started rushing through the steps that “could have” ended with a successful image
I could not get it together so I gave up.

A new day a new approach

The following day and after an evening of reflection I called upon my favourite artistic reboot technique — mindless doodling! Normally I reset my direction by doodling with pen and ink. However, this time I proceeded to calm my soul using an uncountable number of digital tools and effects, (and I needed a header image for this post). 

The following image is the result of “messing about” for 2 hours, no thoughts, no direction, just something interesting to look at (or to quote my spouse … mumbo jumbo). Perhaps you can locate the ever-present tower?

Note: in order to minimize download times, sacrifices in quality are required

First of numerous iterations
More messing about, many steps in-between were merged so I’m unable to show them all
A whole lot of “mumbo jumbo” – time to reel it in
Mostly done but needs something — yep, a Tower!
Find the tower – easy on desktop, not so easy on mobile

That’s all I have to say for today, back to the drawing board (ha) and let’s see how long I can go before another crash — kind of like the economy.  

One more thing

Digital Art may have defeated me this week but not my “pile of sketches”. I managed to add more to the pile. Check out my post about “pile of sketches“.

More quick sketches added to the pile

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