Pile of ….?

Aha, so you think I’m going to say pile of something turd like. Nope, todays topic or discussion or “blabberfest” is about “ … pile of sketches … “. 

Over the past few posts I have mentioned or included a photo of a pile of sketches. This pile started coincidentally at the same time that I ended two of my daily uploads to Instagram. 

Read about why I ended that project by heading over to this previous post: Post Goal Quandary.  

A Not So Quick Explanation

For those unaware, forgot, don’t care, or did not visit the above link I’ll do a very quick recap of what my dailies were.

To put it simply, I uploaded daily drawings and paintings to Instagram for 600 days in a row, no misses. On the day after I was to reach 600 was a day I would be unable to draw/paint 601. Knowing that I ended the Instagram project.

Well, golly gee whiz, you don’t just quit a habit cold turkey. Having drawn and/or painted at least two or more images everyday requires a gradual weening. I assumed I would eventually stop drawing on a daily basis. 

Um, wrong, I still need to draw or paint almost everyday. The difference now is that I can miss a day or two. So in other words the original goal of these dailies has proven 100% successful. 

Those daily images habitualized me into drawing almost every day and I no longer suffer from the anxiety of “ … getting started … or … feeling uninspired … “. Even if I produce what I deem a poor result (never happens — ha, ha) I no longer fall into the mental trap of self-loathing, I carry on, well — mostly. 

If my artistic energy is low (lazy) or I’m in an inspirational rut I can easily rattle off several quick sketches to get the motor running. Oftentimes these sketches are inspiration for greater things — naturally greater is my opinion.

This is why I have a pile of sketches, sometimes I just need to feel the joy of a pen or pencil making marks on a piece of paper. 

I suppose if one wanted to you could look at it as coming from the “universe — to hand — to pen — to paper”. Feel free to substitute universe for whatever floats your boat. Often these sketches happen all on their own, I just happen to be holding the pen.

By the way, why not read this older post — What are Skibbles and Scritches?  

The Good Stuff

Okay, I have done it again, I have forced you the reader to wade through (or skip) all this verbal blabber to get to the good stuff — my self-proclaimed art, or in this case a more detailed exploration of my “pile of sketches”.

At one time I had them stacked by size
Towers and landscapes – what else is there? 😉
Often I start with single line hatching
I scratch away until something reveals itself
My scratches turned into a cliff
Started at top right tree and worked from there
Yes, I did start with a mountain in mind
Skinny tower eventually led to full colour digital painting
Another candidate for a digital painting
Every now and then I stack them by size

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Something dark – just because?

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