Repeating Thyself

So here I sit ready to write another post about something. After a quick review of past posts I see a trend. I whine a lot about not having anything to say, yet, here I go again writing something, anything.

Instead of babbling on about mostly nothing or (poor me) how hard it is to draw, paint or come up with ideas, I will surprise “ya all” with some images right at the top. I won’t force you to scroll through numerous words just to see some of my so-called art works. 

Okay, on desktop this appears to be a small amount of text, on mobile even 100 words can seem like too much. 

All right, all right, enough with the words, here is the art?

The psuedo art of Ed Ritchie

Adding to my pile O’ sketches – maybe that’s something I could showcase next week?
Uploaded this to Instagram last week

For those that like — words

Just because I posted most of my images before the words this week does not mean I was lazy. I did it simply to avoid writing a bunch of words. Mind you, the thought is tantalizing, being lazy is probably one of the easiest things in the world to do, for me at least. However, at the same time, some have told me I am a master of BS (you know who you are).

Perhaps you would like to partake in reading one of my posts that was full of it.

If you followed the above link you were subjected to a big pile of you know what. If you are looking for some verbal spillage I don’t think I am capable of it today.

More art stuff

The week got away from me, thus my artistic output was somewhat lacking. Ha, ha … but that ain’t gonna stop me from throwing down some old stuff from the past … hopefully images I haven’t shared.  

Fun with scaffolding – may or may not be steady
Living on the edge of the rocks
A quick sketch of a shade tree back in 2019 B-COV (before covid) – remember those days?
How much can one twist a tree?
Always fun to distort perspective
A mirrored image almost always produces something interesting

As usual, the image below is for email readers deprived of the hard work I put into creating header images. Click it with your mouse — (duh, smart ass remark) for the full size image.

Grabbed an old drawing – coloured it then had fun with the liquify tool

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