A little bit of everything

I thought I did a fair amount of work this week. Now as I sit down to write this post and look to gather some images, I realize I didn’t do much of anything, just a little of this, some of that and a few of those.

I imagine because I did a bit of everything it created a sense of accomplishment. Every now and then this is beneficial as a motivator.  

This week was my first “back to normal week”. This “normal” should continue more or less until the dreaded holiday season in December. I like to refer to this period as: “Tis the season for getting nothing done”.

Well now, what little did I do? I did some ink doodles, a couple of digital images, and some digital colourizations of real world drawings. Since I have not committed to any projects I find myself searching for something to write about. After all this is a blog about my art, and certainly not about social, political or personal issues.  

Having said that, if you are interested may I point you to a few of my older posts. You can read about my struggles with myself.

My Artistic Endeavours

I just thought of something, okay not really, actually I just realized something. Last Sunday I started posting my 100 Digital Images in 100 Days on Instagram. You can view those images via Instagram or visit my “Daily Sketches …” page.

The daily sketches page will always show the 3 most recent posts, whereas on Instagram you can view all of them (if you have an account). You can read about my 100 in 100 journey here.

All right, enough self promotion, hmm, just a sec, this is exactly what this blog is about. I may as well show some examples of what I did do.

Note: write one paragraph, let cat out, write another paragraph, let cat in, repeat!

A bit of everything

Not really from last week, but recently I printed a few digital images from the 100
Ink sketches over the past several weeks – tossed on a pile as I complete them
Digitally coloured image of an ink drawing
Another digitally coloured image from a real world drawing
Keeping the digital colouring fairly simple

Digitally coloured ink drawings of bugs

A bug with friends
A running bug
Bug out on a limb

As always (almost) for email readers the header image for this post is below, have a great day.

Having some fun with curvy shapes

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