Still aimless, but thinking

I’m still in a state of not knowing where I am going. I get up in the morning, I have no desire, no purpose but I certainly do enjoy sipping my coffee in the dark.

Ah yes, the life of a retired person can be a good one if you make it so. Right now at this very moment as I write these words I search for something to write about. I could talk about this, that and the other thing, but none of those interest me. I’m still wandering aimlessly about trying to find an artistic project to dive into.

For me “the in-between projects” state of mind is a difficult period. The demon of procrastination begins to surface filling my tiny brain with thoughts of everything. I use the excuse of I need to do this, then this and when that is done then I can do that. A perfect example is the sentence I just wrote.

My hope (or assumption) is that those who subscribe to my blog come here to see images. The reading part is just something to skip or power through to get to the artwork. Having said that I reckon I should show some images. However, before I do that, I might as well throw out a few thoughts about what my next artistic direction might be.

  • First thought: start/continue another (or two) daily drawings for posting to Instagram.
  • Second thought: weekly digital headers to better match the content of my weekly blog posts.
  • Another thought: one real world acrylic painting per week (nothing big and just landscapes to start with) — egads can I even paint in the real world anymore?
  • More thoughts: oodles of quick small ink sketches that are ideas/studies for larger detailed works.
  • One more thought: one or two digital paintings per week along with all of the above (um, that sounds greedy and a wee bit of a challenge to meet).  

Well, there you go, too many options and no priorities. With all that said there is one factor that may help me choose a direction. Yep, the summer holiday season is over and I can settle back into my cat-like routines. The number of daylight hours are waning, the thermometer is continually dropping and the deep, dark winter is on its way — brrr! 

Back to normal?

This past week was my first “back to normal” time schedule. I hope by the end of next week I have settled and chosen a direction. Simply writing the previous sentence already has me feeling optimistic. As the cliche goes — “… famous last words … ,” I shall see how next week goes. I still have those nagging domestic issues to take care of, like insurance, vehicle tune-ups and winter preparations — ick, living gets in the way of life. 

I just wanna get up in the morning, drink coffee, do art stuff all day, go for a walk, eat supper, watch Netflix, go to bed and do it all over again. Hmm, kind of sounds like a job, but at least one I have chosen. Anyway, I’m babbling as usual and I did mention somewhere above that I would show some images.

What I did do — images

Although I’m currently in a state of aimlessness I surprisingly did stuff this week. I even included a video of my digital painting process.

Note: now that I no longer produce daily digital images for Instagram working digitally is a breeze — go figure!

Rocks and cliff sketch
More cliff with a natural bridge
Some bushy bushes
A leafy tree
A quick digital landscape – 2 hours
Another enjoyable experience creating a digital landscape

Video process (may appear as a link in email)

Video of digital process for a recent landscape

As always (for email readers) I end with the header image used for this post. 

Aimless exploration of colours, brushes, collages, just because I can

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