Between hot and cold

It’s that time of the year (for me) where things are up in the air. It’s that period between Summer and Winter … I believe most refer to that as Autumn or perhaps you call it “the Fall”. 

For me, the Fall isn’t quite warm enough to sit on the deck and lazily sip coffee, while enjoying the sunshine. On the other hand, it’s not quite cold enough to panic harvest some of the late bloomers in the garden. The threat of a killer frost (and snow) is imminent and Daylight Savings time is quickly approaching. The time change almost always messes things up for a day or two. 

Recently I ended a number of personal “art” projects. Those projects were daily drawings posted to Instagram. You can read more if you backtrack to my pervious post.

I’m also traveling when I normally compose my blog draft. With that excuse stated I can now justify a shorter post. I tend to babble on for longer than necessary, so regular readers get a break from my clumsy grammar — you are welcome. 😉

Anyway, before I get carried away babbling on about nothing I’ll show some pics.

Pics for you

Quick sketch of a leafy tree
Two more leafy trees
Winter clouds on their way
Yep, trees and a fence line
Some sketchy and fictious leaves
There’s always time for a quick tower
Yep – a photo – late bloomer
The queen enjoying last warm rays of sun in the garden

As always the header image is posted below for subscribers that read via email. Oh yeah, and have a great week — unless it snows, or maybe you like snow and cold — not me.

Real world acrylic painting re-worked digitally — original is below
Original acrylic painting – (2014)

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