Two years … already!

Well, well, this past few weeks has been full of personal milestones on this website/blog. 

On September 12/13 I completed 100 digital images in a row, and 365 bug drawings in a row. Overall, I reached a total of 600 daily drawings on my Instagram account “@dailyminus134” and 576 daily drawings on “@dailyMts134”.

You can read more about those milestones at: Waiting in Limbo | Goal Reached … now what?

To add to those milestones — as of my previous post I reached 104 weekly postings in a row. This post is the start of year three … what the …? Where did the time go?

My original intention for this website was to showcase my art and keep it up to date with my most recent work. As a Web Developer for 20 years I approached the site like a traditional website. You know — a home page, sub-pages and links to areas of interest such as “Drawings. Paintings, About, etc.”. 

Having been a web developer for 20 years spoiled me, I usually had full control of any website I developed. This meant I wrote the code, built database back-ended web apps, did all the bug tracing, bug fixing and feature improvements (and yes the visual design and graphics too). 

Upon my retirement (read my About page) I no longer wanted that responsibility. No more web coding for me, after all I’m retired. For that reason I chose WordPress, which is one of many “build your own website — super easy and cheap” platforms. If I had opted for a top-tier package I could get right into the guts of the platform — no thanks!  

I chose an intermediate package, settled on a theme and proceeded to build my “Art Website”. No problem, until it came time to add updates and new images. Apparently WordPress is best suited for “blogging”. Thus on October, 6, 2019 I began blogging — 104 weekly posts in a row. 

Read my first “official” blog post: What are Skibbles and Scritches?

With that — I thank everyone who follows my blog. I commend you for suffering through the writings of a non-writer. Perhaps you simply jump to the drawings and paintings, which is just fine because that was the purpose of this website in the first place — to showcase my artwork. 

If you read my previous post, you know I was in a quandary as to what my direction would be. Well, still thinking, and I have to travel again next week, so I want to avoid starting anything until I can settle into a Fall/Winter lockdown routine. 

Images Here (skip the babble above)

Now that I have finished bragging about my milestones here are some recent images. 

Just like last week I eased off drawing every day and simply sketched or doodled when the urge hit me. Have a look at some of those quick sketches below.  

Quick sketch – because I can
Yep, snuck in a tower
Quite pleased with this sketch
Some sketchy leaves – pure fiction
More sketchy leaves?
Quick sketch with fat nib
Quick sketch – mountain in background
Another quick sketch I actually like 😉

Again, thanks so very much to those that read my blog posts. Have a great week and as usual the header image for email readers is below.

Header image — blue trees – cool – having fun


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