Goal reached … now what?

Well, I did it, I managed to complete 100 digital images in a row at one per day. It feels good to be done. Not every image was a success but at the very least each image created a path to the next one.

Last week in my pervious post I mentioned that due to traveling I might miss image 100, I did not.

If interested have look at a previous post explaining my 100 in 100 digital project.

Image 100 of 100

Image 100 was rushed but not rushed. I practiced working quicker on a couple images leading up to number 100. I’m reasonably happy with those results. I’m not sure if that success carried forward to number 100, but that’s okay. It was important for me that I complete 100 images in a row.

Some artists, or those that hand out advice on how to be an artist make a statement that goes something like this. 

“Your last image is always the best you can do as it is a culmination of everything you have learned.”

somebody probably said something like this

Ideologically I guess this is true, more or less. Apparently I am a poor judge of my own work and often question my current results.  

September 7: took my time with the drawing and hatching, then added simple colouring
September 8: chose to have some fun with an impossibly supported tower

Digital image creation potentially allows one to work on a single image forever. I felt 100 images in a row would keep me from getting bogged down with fiddly corrections and endless variations. A time limit was necessary, about 2 – 5 hours per image. 

September 9: whoops got sidetracked with some experimenting

When reviewing a completed image I usually feel that at least one or two tweaks can be done to “fix it”. I tell myself “… I’ll just do this one tweak before I post it to Instagram …”, however, I rarely go back and fix my work. Perhaps if the images were for sale or commission I might. 

September 10: this was the header image from last weeks post

I often consider some of my work quite precious, but as time passes that feeling wanes. There are of course some images that stand the test of “my time” and in my opinion continue to be quite good. Often I wonder how I ever managed to do some of them, especially if I’m feeling frustrated with my current artistic progress.

September 11: another fun tower village – about 2 hours

Image 100

Anyway, perhaps you wish to see image 100 (or you already scrolled past all this meandering babble)? Before I do that I have one simple question to ask myself.

My goal is reached, what do I do now? 

My opinion of number 100 is — meh, okay I guess, but not my best, although some parts I quite like.  

September 12: digital image 100 in all its glory??

Reaching “100 digital images” in a row is actually a portion of a larger project. Image one hundred is actually number 600 in a series of daily drawings/paintings. I’ll most likely blather on about that in my next post.

Bonus Images

An image I did a few weeks ago just so I could play with roundish forms
Managed 6 days of no drawing, painting or doodling – but I just had to make a header for this post

Thanks to those that have been reading and following me on this project. I’m forcing myself to take a break — no drawing, no doodling, no painting. I’m looking to catch up on those nagging domestic duties such as lawn care, indoor tidying and garden harvesting. 

I need an artistic recharge. I’m trying for at least a week or two of no image creation.

Have a great week.


  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal! A task of this sort requires determination, diligence and probably a lot of head scratching. Each image shows the dedication to the project and has their own unique qualities. Kudos!

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  2. GRATS Dude! I’ve only been following your blog for a few months and I’m impressed by your diligence and blow away by most of your art. You’re a real inspiration as I continue to plan out my own artistic endeavour.

    Liked by 1 person

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