Waiting in Limbo

If you are a regular reader of this blog (and read the previous post) you will know that today is to be my 100th image in a row created using an iPad and Procreate.

The last image is the same day as this post which means I won’t know if I met that goal until my next post. For a more in-depth explanation please have a read of my last post.

What I can say is that I have completed 99 images in a row. Today is a travel day. I will attempt to complete image 100 before leaving.

If you are new here or are wondering what I’m on about, you can read about my 100 images in 100 days

Header Images

In the meantime I have decided to showcase a few of my favourite header images created for this blog. The following images were created as part of my 100 in 100 project. 

One of my first headers – starting to understand the tools in Procreate
Found a brush tool that makes clouds – of course I had to exploit it
This one was more about drawing and simply colourizing instead of full on painting
This is possibly my favourite as the wildfires raged on in B.C.
This is one of the few images where I actually had a plan before starting
This image came together quickly and easily – another candidate for “best of 100”
A few weeks later and a pure painting – no pre-drawing

That was a few of my favourites, there are others, all 100 hundred images will eventually make their way to my @dailyminus134 Instagram account. Some have already been shared on my main Instagram account — @eritchieart.

As usual, the header image from this post for email readers – this one was a blast to do. I deliberately worked quick and loose.

For now that’s all I have to say, which is amazing considering how much blathering I normally do. As I have stated numerous times, I don’t claim to be a writer, thus the constant babble.

Have a great week and talk to you next week, (did I make 100)?


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