I see the light

As of this writing I am now 7 drawings away from completing my 100 digital images project. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

It has been an interesting ride for sure. Being that I have not quite reached that goal I won’t do a review until then. I’m feeling very upbeat about reaching image 100. 

The last image happens to fall on the same day that I normally write these blog posts. Also on that day I will be travelling, so, um the challenge is to complete the final image before heading out. It would be a bummer to fall short by one image. The goal was/is 100 digital images in a row — 1 per day.

Another thing; normally I write a draft of my blog a day or two before posting. This allows me time to edit out the really whiny parts. It also means that next weeks post won’t reveal whether I met that goal or not. Theoretically that means I could cheat and say I did my 100 images. If I do fail to reach 100 in a row I will fess up to it.

While I write this I’m thinking that the last image might be a quickie. On average my digital images are between 2 and 4 hours. I won’t have that amount of time next week. Hopefully I don’t rush the last image. 

I might as well provide a brief summary of my progress this week. I would say it was mostly successful. As the saying goes “ … every day is a new day … “ and that is exactly how I approached my images. I chose to stick with mostly landscapes and use processes that work for me. However, that did not stop me from experimenting, which of course “almost” derailed me — again. 

Although I’m quite fond of routine in my daily life (like a cat), I tire very quickly of doing the same processes when painting/drawing. Too much of the same process makes me feel like a technician. Come to think of it aren’t most artists technicians anyway. Especially successful artists trapped in a niche, destined to repeat themselves endlessly in the quest to make a living. 

Most likely I sound self-righteous but, I have the good fortune of being retired and living by my motto: “I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good“.

And that is why I have some colossal flops along the way.

Not everybody agrees with my criteria of “flops”. So this is a shout out to those that transcend my self-deprecating opinions and somehow by magic appreciate my work. You must all be blind, ok, that was a smart ass remark, my bad, I don’t really mean that.

Well, this certainly is a long winded post. I reckon I best show you some “successful images” from this week. Keep in mind that what I think is a success may differ from your opinion.

Some eye candy

A landscape of course
A mountain and other landscape stuff, you know – rocks, trees, clouds etc.
Just because my focus was landscapes doesn’t mean I can’t slip in a funky tower 😉
Most of the blog header images have been part of my digital project
It was a toss-up as to which image to use as the header for this post, this or the previous one

Have a great week and check back next post to see if I reached my goal of 100 digital images in 100 days.


  1. Tbh my favorite parts of most posts are the whiny bits, probably bec I’m a dedicated whiner, too. 😂 Your trees are glorious! The landscapes…the towers…and those whimsical bugs: 👏♥️👏♥️👏♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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