The world has gone crazy and evolved into a clown show. People making decisions they have no business making. 

Anyway, this is not a blog for social commentary. Supposedly it’s a discussion of my digital project. Feel free to read about it here: 100 digital drawing/paintings in a row

Well, crap and crap! What can I say, two steps forward and 3 steps backward. At least that is how I feel as I write this post. Perhaps it isn’t a good idea to write about ones artistic endeavours under such circumstances.

I’m totally disgusted with my results this week. There is no way I’ll show those results in this post. However, if you visit my Instagram account 134 days from the date of this posting you will see the trash I created. Or, if you are by chance 134 days from the the future reading this, go there now. If you are a first time reader you may wish to know why 134 days.

Okay, yeah, I’m venting, so crap what can I say. If you are here for positive affirmations or spiritual enlightenment it may be wise to move on.  Not that the purpose of this blog was ever that, it is to write about — my artistic progression. 

Back to the point, I think at this very moment I’m 99% anti-digital.

As of this posting I have 14 digital images remaining. In 2 weeks I’ll be deciding if digital is for me. Fortunately today is not that day, otherwise digital would be a loser for sure. 

That’s enough ranting and self-loathing of my artistic abilities (this week). Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully my head is screwed on properly. Perhaps I’ll join the “Borg” and no longer need to think or question anything.

In my opinion what I did this past week was a flop. What can I possibly show as titillation for your eyes. Hm, good question, I know, how about some images created in the so-called “real world”. I’ll see what I can find. 

Stuff on my desk

The following images are typical of what one of my table tops looks like after a week of drawing/painting. Quickie sketches are a great way to warm up. They do tend to pile up though.

Bottom row is my weekly bugs – viewable in 134 days
Bugs and towers
A pile of quickies from the past few weeks
Tower sketches, real drawings on real paper
Nothing in digital has matched the satisfaction I get from drawing on real paper in the real world
More quickies
My iPad on my drawing table, I prefer an angle rather than flat
If you have a magnifying glass you can see a few of my recent flops (top row 3 left)
My very first digital bug drawing – just a quick test, thus not so great
As always (mostly) the header for those that read via email

Have a great day in this crazy world and talk at you next week.


    1. Yep, I’m my worst critic. I usually write my blog after a drawing session so I can be hard on myself if the session did not meet my expectations. The blog helps me vent those frustrations and that’s why I wait 134 days to post anything on Instagram. It gives me plenty of time to appreciate what I have done. Thanks for the comment, it’s great to hear you like my work. 😀🙏


  1. ::runs back:: Oops. 😂 I hit “Send” by mistake. Anyway, I like your drawings SO MUCH – digital or otherwise. They’re fascinating, beautiful, intriguing, and full of life. Can’t image how you managed to meet your goal but WOW! Congratulations!! 🥳🎉 More, please…🤗👋

    Liked by 1 person

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