What does one do when ones brain is empty? Fill it up with something, I imagine this would the standard answer. Sure thing, sounds easy enough. What would that something be, an experience, a change, a rest or simply continuing your journey through time? 

There you go, opening paragraph done, now what? Hmm, apparently I have a few questions today. To answer my question above I’m going with “ … continuing your journey through time“. That is the easiest and also the only option one has no control over — wait it out because everyday is a new day. 

In keeping with the theme of my recent posts (if I actually have a theme), I may as well comment on the progress of my 100 digital images project

This week was a good week, perhaps even a great week. When I say great, that does not imply that I did any great images. What it means is that my internal struggle with my inner artists was a peaceful affair. How did I manage that? Easy, I gave the painter artist the week. He was free to create digital images without any prior drawing foundation from the drawing artist. 

Note: should this be your first visit and wondering who the heck the “drawing artist” and “painting artist” are then check out these previous posts: The Great Crash and Thinking Stops Me Thinking

The painting artist did okay this week, although I did pull a bit of a sneaky move. What underhanded sneakiness was that? Don’t tell him (okay , he knows anyway), but I did pre-drawings on “real world” paper.

During the past 75 digital images I have neglected my drawing skills on real paper in the real world. The last week or two I started my morning drawing sessions with ink sketches (by ink I mean felt tip pen — not the “messy and easy to spill” type). 

Not only does this give me some actual “real” artwork I can touch, it cleverly puts the drawing artist in subliminal control. You see, by the time I get to work on the iPad my drawing muscles are warmed up. I let the painter loose and he actually draws with colour instead of hopelessly floundering about in the glow of brilliant digital colour.  

Now that I have finished my weekly ramble I should show a few examples of what the painting artist came up with. Forgive the painter, but he tends to favour landscapes, apparently in the style of Bob Ross.  

Clouds, mist, mountains and trees, that’s a “Bob Ross Painting” these days — arg!

Paintings by the painter artist

I had been avoiding mountains so why not let the painter artist have a go.
I was pleasantly surprised by how easily the painter artist whipped up a mountain scene, may as well try another one
Two reasonably decent landscapes in a row. The painter artist has earned another shot.
The last image was starting to get a bit “Bob Rossy”, perhaps something a little more stylized would be more interesting.
I also let the painter artist create the header image for this post

Some sketches by the drawing artist

The painting artist was doing a great job this week. However, I backed him by covertly doing quick sketches to subliminally influence his images.

A quick mountain sketch to warm up before powering on Procreate
Another mountain – quick and dirty
Trees along the hillside
Quick sketch – trees and hills
A quick study of trees and their basic forms

And as always have a great week as you travel through time to your destination.


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