Take a break

Take a break, that’s what one needs to do every now and then. Some people call it vacation. If you have a job or what I like to call it: voluntary servitude, then most likely you have some form of holiday.

If you work for yourself or are retired (like some of us) knowing when to take a break is a challenge. Being retired places me in that situation. As of this post I have published 93 writings in a row. That is one per week for 93 weeks. That’s almost 2 years — yeesh! One would think once a week is no big deal, and not that difficult (most of the time). 

I mention this because I need a break. It’s not like I’m burnt out or anything but my weekly schedule is changing. What, how can that be I’m retired? Well, not everyone in my household is retired, their schedule has changed, therefore my schedule changes. 

I have always thrived when following a schedule or routine. When my routine changes I’m like a cat (or my mother) I need time to adjust. My inner-self becomes discombobulated, I can become lazy, irritable (cranky) and often lack creative inspiration.

What must one do … simple, take a break? Yet here I am writing a post, a self-indulgent one at that. Yep, this is just fluff. Writing nothing of substance is a way for me to take a break. All right (don’t snicker), yes everything I write is probably fluff. As I have claimed several times over the last 92 posts “… I ain’t no writer …”. Finding anything of value here is a gamble you have obviously taken — my apologies.

Anyhoo, at least I have lots of colourful drawings/paintings for you to look at. 

Digital Endeavours 

If you do happen to read my stuff then you know my latest artistic pursuit involves attaining some degree of mastery over digital painting. Let me tell ya, so far I’m down 3 games to 1 and in danger of being eliminated (sports reference).

I’m showing thumbnails only because I’m not so fond of them, and everything looks great when small. Perhaps over time I may grow fond of them.

Some tower houses
Two more tower houses

I’m not giving up, I have set a goal of 100 digital drawings/paintings in a row. I have 63 to go as of this posting. In the meantime have a look at some images from the past week or two.

Sketchy drawings with some simple colour overlays

Have a great week and as usual (for email readers) the header for this post is below.

Header for this post – trying to keep it loose and painterly


  1. Hooray for breaks, however we define them! I’m ancient, need breaks. One of the most delicious aspects of having no employment is the fluidity of scheduling. I esp enjoy breaks that turn into new ideas. And again – sorry for gushing – your work is wonderful!

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