All about the bugs

Over the past few posts I talked about my adventures with digital drawing/painting, but not this week. Okay, I may mention a thing or two. 

What I can say is that these digital tools are beating me up. I continue to search for the process that works best for me. It’s a lot like learning how to draw and paint all over again. I’m still hung up on exploring technique and how to utilize it for my work. I’m getting close to that goal. Maybe by next week I’ll be there.

In the meantime this is what was big on my mind this week. Yes, it was the heat, 40+ degrees celsius in my neck of the woods. That however, is not what I wish to talk about. 

It was this week that I finally reached one year of daily drawings on Instagram: @dailymts134. After posting 366 mostly ink drawings I decided to change direction. The subject was focused on drawings of clouds, mountains, trees and rocks. Or if you prefer — landscapes.

After a year of daily landscapes it was time to switch subjects. That subject is “bugs”.

The bugs are drawn with ink, no planning and very little thought. They are meant to be quick, humorous and odd or perhaps alien. There is no attempt to draw bugs or insects that actually exist. In other words they ain’t anatomically correct! 😉 

My process (so far) is to draw the eyes first (always) and then build outward. Occasionally I screw up and must attempt to correct my blunder. This almost always leads to something odd, but not always. The blunders are sometimes rather amusing.

Changing my subject to bugs was never intentional, it happened naturally. Last summer I was stung by a wasp on my big toe (bugger). This had the effect of making me very aware of such critters. 

I have lots of small paper off-cuts that I never throw away (recycle) so I decided as a wind-down from a day of drawing I would quickly doodle some bugs. They are quick, enjoyable and easy to do. I kept doing them everyday and haven’t stopped. Some people actually seem to like them? 😉

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, every week or two I colour them using watercolour paints.

By the time I reached 366 landscape sketches I had accumulated 155 bug drawings. They are quick to do so I thought I may as well post them on Instagram. 

I started posting these doodles at bug #156. However this meant that I would miss the opportunity to show the previous 155 bug doodles (some of which I quite like), so I also post the older ones at the same time (a 2-for-1 deal). It also demonstrates how these bugs evolve and change over time. 

So there you go. If you have an Instagram account search for @dailymts134. You can also see my most recent bugs by visiting “Daily Sketches” from the “Drawings” tab in the above menu bar.

Since you managed to read this far I have included some bug pics which will be posted sometime in the future.

Some Bugs

Some bugs – group1
More bugs – group 2
The flowers and plants are fun to play with too.

And as always, if you read this post via email below is todays header.

Tree on the Rocks – iPad painting.


  1. INK!!!?!? You did these bugs with ink-ink? WOW!! They’re adorable and fun and beautifully made! (The last time I tried a dipping pen in ACTUAL INK was for Inktober years ago amd that ended 3 days in, after I tipped the nk bottle over & ruined a sofa😳😖). Masterful whimsy! 👏👏👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for all the great and appreciated comments. My bad, when I refer to ink I actually mean felt tips pens (seems to be the preferred tool these days). As you say, they are messy. Years ago (decades actually) during a life drawing session I accidentally spilled ink on a fellow artists Angora sweater, she was not impressed. It’s not like she was wearing it, I wasn’t that wild with my ink.

      Liked by 1 person

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