Down the Rabbit Hole

Last week I said this: “This coming week I shall resist the urge to paint digitally — maybe?”

As usual I did not listen to myself.

Yep, I failed to resist that urge. Instead I dove head first down into the rabbit hole. I went so deep that I ended up creating a digital Bob Ross look-a-like painting. Shame on me!

I’m not knocking the paintings of Bob Ross (I have fallen asleep many times while watching him work) but let’s face it, his paintings are pure formula (of course we all have our formulas). 

A Bob Ross formula tends to be sky, clouds, snow covered misty mountains, water, trees and shrubbery. Guess who ended up doing the same thing digitally — me!

How did this happen? It happened because digital tools lend themselves to such a thing. When there are brush tools named “clouds, water, rainforest, smoke, fire, etc.“ — guess what happens? Correct, they get used for clouds, water, rainforest, smoke, fire — you get the point.

I tried my best to avoid using those tools in that manner. Perhaps if I was making a living as an illustrator such tools would greatly increase speed and production. Is that not one of the goals of digital — speeding up the process?

Anyway, I did try tools that easily mimicked real world brush strokes.Of course the smudge tool (or blend in some graphics programs) can instantly create mist and fog — just like Bob. 

For me, part of the learning process with digital tools is trying every brush available. Some work for me, others do not, but like a kid in a candy store I must try them all. Eventually I no longer remember which one I was using.

Over the past week my process was circular. I started the week with a digital ink drawing, which I coloured mostly with flat values. And then, me being me (the one who ignores their own advice) I quickly transitioned to pure painting (no pre-drawing). And then it happened — I created a Bob Ross look-a-like.  

After realizing this I felt the need to return to a digital ink sketch coloured with mostly flat values. Again, me being me I couldn’t wait to start colouring. This rush to colour often results in a weak foundational drawing (arg).

I shall now attempt to set another goal for next week (if I listen to myself).

That goal is: make sure the drawing is solid before adding colour?

Digital Drawings

A quick line drawing filled with colour and basic values
I was seduced with how easy clouds are created
The previous image had me thinking more like a painter
Oh, oh … looking a lot like a Bob Ross painting, (it was fun though). 😉
Back to a line drawing and mostly flat values (and yes, I rushed the drawing to get to the colour — fail!

That’s it for this week, for those that read this via email, below is the header from this post.

May as well finish off the week wth another painterly image

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