Time Distortion

Where did time go? This is the question I have been asking myself all week. I remember when I was “considerably” younger and time moved at a much slower pace. 

Over the past few weeks time seems to be flying. Is it because my day is filled with more “stuff”? No, and the answer is: digital drawing has transported me to a different time reality

As you may know from reading my previous posts, I made a commitment to myself to draw at least 100 daily drawings using only digital tools. At the time of this posting I have completed 16 digital drawings. 

So how is that going you may or may not ask? Hmm, well, let me tell you. It’s taking too damn long! 

Essentially I’m doing the same drawings as I do using pen/pencil. These analog drawings averaged about one or two hours.

That is not the case with digital as I can easily work for more than 2 or 3 hours. Currently I am working on an iPad in Procreate. I have been attempting to recreate pencil and ink images that replicate real world drawings. Have I been able to do that, yes (more or less)? 

Here is the problem: too darn many options and tools at my finger tips — literally! 

The tools that have been taking over and possessing me (thus the time distortion) are the painting tools. Almost any tool in digital is potentially a painting tool by simply changing its colour. The last few digital drawing sessions have morphed into digital paintings instead — dang it!

Transitioning from a drawing to a painting has almost doubled my time. I had told myself to learn the drawing tools first then think about colour at a later time. I failed!

Lately I can hardly wait to add colour. This causes me to rush my drawing which can lead to something quite hideous. I apologize if at some point my drawing/painting offends your eyeballs — sorry, just look away.

When I draw in the real world I’m most likely to stop/finish when I reach this state:

doing more will not make it better, but can easily make it worse.

eRitchie Art

That is not the case with digital, the image is potentially never finished.

Screw ups are easily undone and experimentation is endless. Time is the only thing that can end a digital image, however for me, time distorts and compresses while working digitally.

This coming week I shall resist the urge to paint digitally — maybe?

That’s enough for today as I feel pressed for time. Yep, you guessed it, I spent too much time on my drawing (?). 

Check out a few of the images I “completed” this week. You can read more about “My Dailies” if you want.

Digital Drawings

All was going well — just a pencil drawing
Started as a drawing and then quickly turned to colour
Went straight to a painting — forget the drawing
No need to draw — I can paint!

Enjoy a great week and as always for email subscribers below is the header image for this post.

This was one of my dailies which became all about painting and not drawing — sigh.

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