Recently, by that I mean in the last day or so I reached a milestone with “My Dailies” on Instagram. Of course if you are reading this sometime in the future which may not be now, then ignore the first sentence.

June 4, 2021, marks one year since I first posted a daily drawing on Instagram. June 4 is drawing number 366. In actuality I started these drawings Jan 20, 2020. The goal was to do one drawing per day for at least one year. The ultimate goal was to establish a habit of drawing everyday. Goal accomplished!

At the time I had no intention of posting the drawings to Instagram. However, after 134 days I decided I may as well start posting (June 4, 2020). For that reason the drawing I post is from 134 days ago. 

In essence when viewing my images you are time travelling to the past.

I was asked by an Instagram follower why I chose 134 days — at the time my response was “no reason, it just felt like the right time,”. Now that I have reached one year and we jump ahead 134 days into the future/present the June 4, 2021, drawing is number 500. 

How’s that for synchronicity! (definition here)

A convoluted math explanation?

You might be saying to yourself “wait a minute that only adds up to 499”. It just so happens that 2020 was a leap year which had 366 days — synchronicity! 

This is the equation: 

  • one year of drawing = 366 days (leap year)
  • actual drawing count = +134 days
  • Total count = one year + actual count
  • Sum = 500 drawings

Okay, I get it, this probably only has meaning for me. It’s most likely coincidence or as I prefer to see it — Synchronicity!

What now?

Now that I have reached one year I have decided (134 days ago) that I would carry on. I would increase the size of the paper and allow at least an hour or more for each of my daily drawings.

Below are the drawings I posted for drawing 366 and drawing 500. I am also including the drawing that inspired me to do these dailies. 

Drawing number 366
Drawing 500

I had done this quickie scribble on some scrap paper. I thought why not do that same drawing every day “but different” and see where it takes me. Drawing 500 is that destination — so far.

quickie sketch that started it all

What happens after drawing 500, if you follow on Instagram you won’t know for another 134 days. If you follow me here … I’ll probably let you know sooner, or if you are reading this in the future (which is your now) you might already know.

Have a great week. And as always the header image from this post is below for email subscribers. I’ll talk about this image next, maybe.

Colourized image of an older graphite drawing
Digital colourization of a graphite drawing, check it out on Instagram


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