A long time ago

From the past surfaces an old bud of decades ago, close to half a century. Wow when you say that it sounds like a long time. Perhaps if I were to say almost 50 years? Well, that sounds just as long.

According to my exhaustive search (first hit on Google) the Internet was officially born January of 1983. Feel free to do the math — okay, I’ll do it for you — 38 years.

Why bring this up? It’s not like it’s a new revelation, although maybe for some people? You are welcome, anyway to the point. 

I began my journey as an artist and there was no Internet and no World Wide Web. New artists (and old) now have access to almost any artist or works of art anytime, anywhere as long as they have a connection to the Web.

I was lucky if I could find an art magazine or book at the local bookstore (we had one store). I’m not complaining but “jeepers” if I had the access I have now I wonder what direction I would have taken. And yep, even in college there was no Internet … fortunately we had what was known as “a Library”. 

Hmm, still trying to get to my point, let me try again. 

My point is: if us budding artists found an artist (probably in a book we purchased) that artist became our inspirational mentor. We didn’t sit for hours in front an electronic screen scrolling through artists online. Nope, instead we sat for hours looking at art books and if we were lucky we had more than one book. (Yes, yes I know, we also walked 5 miles up hill to school — both ways.)

Anyway, I’m not complaining, I happened upon a saying somewhere. It goes something like this (I think): “ … you are exactly where you need to be … “. 

I have included some quick sketches I copied from one of my fav artist of the 1970’s.

Quick sketches I did last year to re-absorb influences from the past
Vaughn Bode – Cheech Wizard book cover
Vaughn Bode – Deadbone book cover – for Ger

Digital colourization adventures

Now that I have filled the first half of this post with sub-par grammar let me fill you in on my digital colourization adventures. 

Of course that’s not all I did this week. As usual I continued with “My Dailies”. I also forced myself to buckle down and start drawing with my Apple Pencil. I’m not about to showcase those images until I can actually produce something worthy. 

Instead of trying to colour a graphite drawing this week I dug around for a line drawing in my archives. I chose an ink drawing with minimal line-hatching.

For this image I decided I would add mostly flat shades of colour. The outcome is similar to comic book colouring, not like a cheap Archie comic but more like a Heavy Metal magazine. Yep, I’m that old, I still have a copy of issue number one and several years worth of subsequent issues.

Below is the image I completed this week. There are a few things that need adjusting but I doubt if I will get around to it. I’m impatient and need to move on. I like shiny new things! 

Original ink drawing
Digitally colourized image

And as always for email subscribers below is the header image for this post.

header image – an old tree painted by an old me


  1. Those were amazing days of discovery for me. So happy to have had my artistic horizons expanded beyond what we learned in school 😉

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