I got nothin

Last post was about my push to buckle down and make a serious effort at drawing with an iPad pencil or a pen tablet.

Umm, did I continue with that, nope, why not? I don’t know, perhaps I was distracted or had other things that occupied my time. Thinking about it I can’t really say, wait, I remember — day-to-day existence. 

Those day-to-day things are bills, insurance (extortion), exercise, groceries and all the other things one must do to carry on. Sigh, it would be nice to win big on the lottery so I could hire a personal assistant. Of course one must actually purchase lottery tickets. It seems my wish has flaws. 

There you go, my mini rant of the week. Actually those who have the laborious task of dealing with me face to face often experience more than one rant per week. 

Enough of that, what did I actually accomplish this week? I continued with “My Dailies” (read about my dailies), I did some scribble sketches (nothing worth posting here) and one (mostly okay) digital colourization.

I also did what I like to refer to as “experiments”. These “experiments” are simply my excuse for failed projects. That failure is compliments of my never-ending lack of patience. 

Now that I have made my excuses I shall showcase what I managed to do this week (in the digital world).

Digital Colourization 

Not really much to say about this image. I chose a drawing from my archives as it “was” one of my favourites. The digital colourization process quickly revealed areas of weakness. 

The parts not fully defined were quickly hushed with dark shadows, and thus, I accidentally (or purposely) created “a mood,” in this case a “dramatic mood”. 

It may look ok as a graphite rendering, but areas of weakness appear during the colourization process.
Digitally colourized image with a dramatic mood.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

Have a great week and the header image for email subscribers is below.

header image – my spouse said she could have done that, perhaps a re-visit of her drawing from last week


  1. I’m also getting into drawing and animating on my iPad. I ordered a set of Pen Tips which creates the kind of resistance you would expect from pencil on paper.

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    1. Excellent. Yes I have seen those advertisements. Let me know what you think. I’ve been doing my dailies on iPad this week and when I did some drawing on paper it was amazing how much I could feel the texture. I’m getting used to how the Apple pencil slides around on the glass. It may be time to update my iPad version 6 as it has a hard time keeping up with my strokes at times.


      1. I quite like them. You get 5 in a pack and they last quite long if you don’t apply excessive pressure. I dropped my old pro and had to upgrade to the 3rd gen version. OS is up to date at 14.6

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