Finally, warmer days

Where I live it takes awhile but eventually the warmer weather decides that it is time to grace us with its goodness. That goodness feels great and makes you want to soak it all up. That is exactly what I am doing — oh yeah!

This past week was mostly about doing what I usually do — drawing and digital colouring. Actually it was more about digging myself out of a rut. Yep, as often happens my drawings become so tight and rigid they squeak.

Generally several drawings are required before I realize I’m in a rut. The process usually ends with a total crash and burn (drawing or painting). And no you can’t see it! 

Over the last few weeks I have started my drawings by planning with pencil first and then inking. That has served me well for a reasonably long time, but not this week.

The remedy is to simply stop thinking and just let the inner artist take over. It has taken me years (decades even) to get to this point. To free myself from the shackles of a rigid process I toss the pencil and begin by scratching away with ink (keeping it loose). A drawing or two may be required before I snap out of my funk.

Those I will show you — well, only those I deem acceptable.

quick ink sketch 1
quick ink sketch 2
quick sketch 3 — keeping it loose
quickie 4 — thinking not required

Digital Drawing

Having clawed my way back to artistic freedom surprisingly motivated me to finally make an honest effort at “drawing” with a digital pen. The first attempt was with my Huion pen tablet. The second attempt was with an Apple Pencil.  

Note: I have had the Apple Pencil since it was first introduced, it has taken me this long to do more than “dink around” with it. 

Pen Tablet

Pen tablet — yikes, doable, but practice, practice is required to master this tool. The final result may look like a pencil or ink drawing but, the feel is something totally unlike real world drawing. Good luck trying to trace back over a previous line. It’s mostly like drawing with a mouse except more precise (sort of). 

Ink drawing using Huion pen tablet – nib never wears out like in the real world

Bonus: this is what happens when you let someone who has never used a pen tablet have a go

more life and charm that most of my images — sorry hon, had to do it!

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil — much easier to draw as you can actually see where to place the tip of the pencil. The drawing process is much more natural yet at the same time possibly too perfect. The line work can easily be better than anything I normally place on paper.

Beautiful line quality — better than what I can do in the real world – could be a detriment if you neglect real world drawing, or the apocalypse sends us back to the Stone Age.


Overall digital drawing has many advantages such as undo, erase, cut and paste and more. With all that it still does not match the feel of drawing directly on paper. 

Anyway, I have no desire to write in great detail about the pros and cons of digital drawing. Google is your friend — mostly, give the inter-tubes a search if you need to know more.

Yeah I know, it’s rather pompous of me to say that but hey … that is the way I am.

Have a great week dudes and dudettes — wait I probably shouldn’t say that, instead have a great week for those who identify as — human?

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