Words of wisdom … not here!

If you are here for secret wisdom or deep thoughts you may wish to consider moving on. However, if you wish to have a look at some drawings and paintings this is the place to be. 

I write something every week and as of this week I have managed to cobble together a plethora of words for a total of 84 weeks in a row. Not a single miss — at least content wise, value wise, well that it is totally debatable! 

Of course I can’t promise what you are about to see below contains any deep meaning. You are free to make that call yourself.

Anyway, let us get to drawings/paintings of the week.

If you have been following me you will know that I have been struggling the past few months (has it been that long) to gain some semblance of control over my digital art tools.

You can read from the start about my “Digital Colourization” attempts here.

To summarize: it hasn’t been easy, man! 

Although I am aware of it my impatience has betrayed me many times and still persists  — perhaps that is a sign of insanity? 

You know the saying, it reads something like this: “continually making the same mistakes but expecting different results”. Knowing that I carry on making the same mistakes. 

Digital Colourization

Well then with that said, have a look at some digital colourizations from the last week or two. 

Also, as a reminder if you are expecting something profound or something “artsy,” erm … that’s up to you! Maybe sip some wine or have some other mind altering substance — that might help. 

Graphite drawing of tree and house
Digital colour layered on top of graphite drawing
Original ink and graphite drawing
Simply adding layers of colour over the drawing
Tonal drawing using graphite dust and pencil
Layers of colour over the drawing and some digital brush work to add foliage
Original ink drawing
Layers of colour, texture and digital brush work under the drawing

Have a great week.

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