I’m so special … really?

So there is a day of the year that a person is often wished a happy day, or pardoned to party until they drop.

Yep I’m talking about birthdays.

Would it not be more appropriate to honour the mother who grunted that human into existence? If that were the case some moms could party several days every year. I really don’t know what the fuss is about regarding birthdays. Are humans so special they need a day to remind everyone about it?

Oh well, for some people it is a special day, may as well celebrate. Thus, I am cutting this post short because well, I have some celebrating to do.

I could go on about my artistic successes and failures but  — nah, I’ll just post some images from my Instagram and hopefully you will view them for more than 0.5 secs. per image.

Note: feeds may not work for email subscribers, if not you can read the post here: https://eritchieArt.com

Images from my Instagram

The following images are from the Instagram “eRitchieArt” feed. These are the most recent images and change regularly.

This next set is from “My Dailies – dailyminus134” Instagram feed.

This following set is from “My Dailies – dailymts134” feed.

And as always if you read via email then the header from this post is below.

About to be birthed?

By the way if it is your birthday; happy birthday and party like there is no tomorrow!

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