Winging it as always

I write the way I draw. I rarely know what I’m about to draw and that is how I write.

I know I’m having a good drawing day when it puts everything else on hold including this post. As I write this I am deciding what it is that I wish to write. Of course there is no reason to tell you that, I could simply edit this part out.

As a reminder I have never claimed to be a writer. I just like to put words on the page.

I guess I’m simply writing for the sake of writing. If you have read this far then I have successfully (intentionally or not) wasted a minute or two of your time.  

You are welcome.

Are you still with me? Perhaps now is a good time to talk about my week of art endeavours. It was a good week, no self-loathing or mind torturing impatience. I took a mental chill pill and ignored myself and proceeded to do what I wanted to do. Perhaps it’s because like a cat my routines are back in place. 

What I did this week (if you care).

As usual I continued with “My Dailies”. My rule is to take an hour or less to complete the drawing. That did not happen, instead I found myself requiring more than an hour per drawing, sometimes as much as two and a half hours. 

Why was that? Normally I tend to draw with ink first. This week I decided I would sketch with pencil first then do the inking. Also, I would concentrate drawing in two point perspective rather than one-point. No rulers though, I’m not that precise. Of course with pencil I can erase, so yep, that was what increased the drawing time.

I may as well show a couple of those drawings below. If you are one of my Instagram followers then you have leaped into the future/present to see what is coming in 134 days or so.

Stepping down to the doorway
Craggy mountains in the background
Nicely nestled into the rocks
Protected by rocks
Securely in the trees and rocks
Home on the rocks

Digital Colourization

Nothing to see, okay nothing to see here because I’m putting nothing here. Actually I did quite well with my digital experiments. However, I’ll save that for next week. If I can keep the momentum going I should have some decent examples to show.

There you go, I have nothing left to say, I probably do but it’s time to move on. Have a great week, warm weather is just around the corner (unless where you live is forever warm — lucky you).

And for email readers you can have a look at the header, yep I “winged” it.

Header – I winged it!

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