No whine for you

Yep, it’s true, I’m not going to whine this week about how hard it is to be an artist. I’m not going to tell you how great it is to be an artist either. I’m waiting for that day — oops that might be flagged as a whine, my bad. 

What I will do is a quick show and tell of my “experiments” this week and as usual I continued with “My Dailies”. 

Speaking of dailies, I think I have made a decision, I’m considering an end to at least one of the streams. At the very least I plan to reduce one of my dailies to “whenever” or “weekly”. I’ll know when the time arrives. I’ll keep you/me posted.

I’ve also decided to give the “glorified doodles” a rest for now. The doodles were primarily created as an excuse to dive head first into digital painting. I didn’t want the pressure of trying to render something representational. 

Mindless doodle drawings were an easier subject as it allows me to avoid the correctness of drawing. Of course it’s not like I threw the rules out the window, I simply had no problem ignoring or bending them. 

Okay, on with the show and tell.

Fun with Digital

Over the last few months I created about 15 or so digital doodles. Some are better than others, but at least they are done and the memory of the experience has faded.

What I decided to do with them (and I had this in my mind from the beginning) was to combine 2 or 3 into a new image. This is especially easy to do in the digital world. A little masking here, some erasing over there and viola a brand new image.

If I combine groups of 3 of the 15 images I get well, lots of combinations (at least 5, more if you do the math). Fortunately all of the digital renders have basically the same look and colour palettes, so they fit together quite seamlessly. I’ve included an example below (and it’s the header for this post too).

This one is very wide and may not read so well on a mobile device.

Source images for the panorama image below
Three digital doodles combined into one

Note: to view my previous mindless doodles select the previous post links at the end of this article.

Texture Experiment

Another experiment was to add photo textures to one of my daily drawings. I used a drawing that had strong line work and very little rendering. I then browsed for textures in my photo collection. I also used one of my old acrylic paintings of clouds as get this — clouds!

Anyway, have a look below. This process of adding textures to a drawing is certainly much less stressful than “painting digitally”. I should be able to continue with this process for a while or at least until the “whine” starts to flow again.

Top row: acrylic painting of clouds
Middle row: textures from photos
Bottom row: line drawing and final image

Have a great week, talk to you then.

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