So one would think after years and decades of practice that one would not have to learn the definition of stagnation … again, and again!

So yep, the pendulum has reached its apex and swung back to “… arg I can’t draw anymore …”

I would very much like to blame the recent holiday weekend, but of course that would be too easy. So what can one blame it on? I’m going with “ … the planets are not lined up …” or “ … it’s the weather …” or ” … the lockdown is taking its toll …”.

Whatever the reason I need to slap myself into a better place. C’mon man, get it together. I need another attitude adjustment. Perhaps a vacation from attempting to create art.

If I am to keep to my personal artistic mantra: “I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good” — then perhaps I should stop sharing my work. I think I have become too fixated on what others think of my work. Of course if one does not show their artwork what is the point?

Well, there you have it … back in another rut. Everything I do sucks. I know this will pass, or will it?

The hard part of another down cycle is that almost every time it feels like this is the one to end it all. Perhaps this is the time I say — done, no more. It would be so much easier to just sit and watch TV, or read books, or play video games or just about anything besides soul crushing art. 

Okay, enough with the pity party. What did I do this week? Umm, not much, I did the usual “My Dailies” and a bit of digital experimentation. 

Quickie digital colourization test

I also did this simple little experiment below. It frustrated me into submission. I spent about 30 minutes or so only to realize that ” … crap, this is way more work than I expected … “. I can mentally visualize the final result and then, my totally un-called for impatient self rears its ugly face and gives up!

Tomorrow my attitude will change … sigh!

I did this and gave up way too soon

Below is the original ink drawing that the previous image was culled from (and the header for this post).

original ink drawing
Original ink drawing

There, done! Even this post was an exercise in not giving into the impatient inner-self. Have a great week, don’t forget to take time to “just chill”.

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