What … more holidays?

Yep, it’s another long weekend, what the HE double hockey sticks? 

Some of us get time off from work (too much, my 92 year old mother insists), but not me. 

It’s true what they say about being retired. I’m busy all the time … well of course one must define “too busy”. I define it as too busy doing whatever I want (most of the time).

I am too busy drawing, painting, doodling or “thinking about things”. I choose not to trouble myself with such mundane activities as holidays. 

I’m an artist and everybody knows we are the most important people in the world. Okay you got me … I have a Masters in BS and April Fools’ Day recently passed us by. Please disregard everything I just said, I know nothing!

I’m just somebody who grooves out on making marks on paper. I’m also a mindless human enraptured by the bright colourful light burning directly into my eyeballs via the computer screen.

Anyway, erm, um … on with a quick discussion of my “busy work” from this past week.

The Digital Colourization Process

In my previous post I included a snapshot showing the progress of my current mindless doodle. I managed to finish it this week — more or less. As with most of my work I simply called it done because I had enough. 

There is no need to show the steps required. Those steps are demonstrated in posts found in this category: Digital Colourization

Inner Brain Doodle 12

I think this may be my last in a series of digitally colourized mindless doodles. Fortunately because I no longer need to sell my work I am free to make major changes in my artistic pursuits. Woe to those financially mired in a niche. I shall now shamelessly remind you of my artistic mantra:

I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good.

Me, of course!
Original line drawing in ink
The halfway point – horribly too dark
Final image, I guess it’s done … I had enough, I could go on forever and ever and ever …


Some quick and not so quick sketches from this week.

Just some buildings
… and some more buildings

As always, email subscribers you can view a larger version of the header image by clicking on the colour digital image above.

Have a great long weekend if you are one of the “misfortunate” that look forward to holidays (sarcasm).

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