Start by ending, end by starting

I feel lazy and have a desire to do a short post today. Not sure if it’s laziness or I would simply like a minor break from writing something every week. I deserve some time off — don’t I? 

My boss — me, just never seems to let up and insists that once I start something I see it through. However, it’s a mystery as to exactly what that is. In past posts I have assumed it is to keep me motivated. I’m like a cat, I like routine. Posting here is a routine, it ends and starts my week.

Anyway, if I am to write a short post it would make sense to end here. Apparently not, I have a few things to say. 

First of all, I have no digital painting to show this week. Time slipped away preventing me from finishing my current project. It’s almost done but not enough to show.

Oh heck, may as well show a small thumbnail view of its current state. 

Way too dark at this stage — in progress


Also, as in some previous posts, I have included some quick sketches. These quickie sketches are mostly “thinking sketches” where I can try new ideas. Of all the work I do, they are the most fun, have a look, some good, some not so good.

A tall tree
Trees on a bluff
Experimental trees
A tree and clouds
Mountains and clouds
Row of mountains and clouds

Have a great day and since there is no finished digital painting this week I had to “whip up” a header image for this post. For email subscribers that image is posted below.

header image – yep those are bugs

Note: I also wasted some of my time this week by attempting to upgrade my 2014 Mac mini OS to “Big Sur” … this did not go well. I’m glad I use Time Machine. A new computer is calling my name.

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