Slightly Intuitive

I can mostly use my digital graphic program without thinking — almost!

Okay, I’m being somewhat generous with my assessment. The digital painting/colouring process continues to hold my interest. At this point I’ve not given up by using the excuse of claiming I need to “try new things”. 

The process is exceptionally challenging and I’ve settled into a rhythm. My memory is like a sieve so it takes me awhile to remember all the keyboard shortcuts to access various tools. 

The past week has been gloriously uneventful and everyday things have fallen nicely into place. Yep, it was time change last Sunday and it did require a few days to get settled.  

The gloriously uneventful week means I have little going on in me little brain. Thus I can only offer up my artistic endeavours of the week.

My latest digital project was “reasonably” successful and mostly painless. I began sharing my digital abstract works on my main Instagram account. At this point they aren’t getting much love. Boo, hoo, so sad am I … umm, not really! 

Going from pen/ink/graphite work to full colour digital mindless doodles shocks some followers. I lost almost as many as I gained, oh well.

Anyway, have a look at my latest digital work and see what you think. 

The Digital Colourization Process

The following image is my attempt to create something brighter and less “dark” than some of my previous works. Normally I would render the doodle first and then add the background colours and atmosphere. This time I established the background first. I also continued experimenting with creating textures digitally instead of relying upon the original drawing. 

Inner Brain Doodle 11

The following images are an overview of the basic steps required. I have established a reasonably standardized process (for me). 

  1. Doodle mindlessly
  2. Scan image
  3. Using a previous image or two, which I blur and blend, I create background colours and atmosphere
  4. Render the doodle using various brush tools (with a pen tablet) and apply multiple layers (too many perhaps, I have to work on that).
  5. At some point fricken stop man!
Original line drawing
Background using a previous image for atmosphere
Line drawing as top layer with a blending mode of linear burn – 80% opacity
adding values and lighting
continue with values/lighting
adding radial gradients and texture to the bubbles or balls – call them what you want!
fine tuning of values, texture and colour
Copied and pasted some bubbles to create some depth? In retrospect I should have increased the size.
The final image – click for larger image


I still have plenty of paper off-cuts, so as in previous posts I have included some quick sketches below.

stylized trees and rocks
rock pile
another rock pile

Talk at you next post and have a great uneventful week.

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