Still going…

A quick review and I see I have been attempting to acquire an adequate knowledge of digital painting since about the beginning of last December.

How would I rate myself on a scale of 1-5 — maybe a 2? Like all things it would appear the more time I spend learning something the more I realize I know nothing.

I can look back at previous attempts and see I have learned a fair amount … but still so much more to be discovered. I have watched numerous videos by digital experts and I’m easily humbled. 

I’m struggling with the learning curve. I tend to approach the process very much like I would in the real world using paper and pencil. It just ain’t the same — not even close. 

I spend more time trying to “figure out” the software and less time actually being creative. Eventually using the software might be as intuitive as using “real world” tools.

In the meantime, check out my progress, hopefully your eyes can bare the strain. 

The Colour Digitization Process

The image I completed for this post turned out okay — I guess. However, as stated above I find myself bogged down in the technicalities of the digital tools.

I think the actual painting (colourization) time consumes about one-third of my effort. The rest is poking and prodding at tools and trying to remember which layer I’m painting on.

My internal self now longs for the simplicity of using pen/ink/paint/paper/canvas. I must remind myself — it weren’t so easy learning those either — umm, years and decades to be more precise.

Suck it up — you — (I was going to say princess but I think ya can’t say that anymore)?

Inner Brain Doodle 10

Not much to say about this doodle other than it’s just another step forward (I think).

Note: I had previewed my progress in the previous post, it changed somewhat this week

If you managed to read this far and wish to continue I have also added a few quick little sketches I did on scrap paper. 

Original ink drawing
Initial colours (beats me why I chose pink and green as base colours)
First go at basic values
Continue rendering values
More values and colours
Copy and resize foreground shapes and paste into background for atmosphere and depth
Some blending and blurring to finish the image (click image to enlarge)

Quick Sketch

Fun with graphite and ink on lefter over paper scraps.

Fresh snow
Cloudy day
Snow on its way
A cabin in the wilderness

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