A blip in the space/time continuum. The first thing that popped or blipped into my brain this morning (March 6) as I awoke was the word — Blip!

Something must be different today. What that might be I don’t know. Maybe it’s the smell of spring just around the corner. Or it could be the melting snow revealing a winter of deer and horse poop! It appears the crows and ravens are pleased — good eats I suspect. 😉

Anyway, on with my weekly verbal-babble.

Over the past several posts I have been sharing my digital painting process. Apparently I did not manage my time very well. Umm, well, blip … nothing to really show this week. I had a line drawing to work with but the digital colourization isn’t finished. I’ll show it next week, (if I don’t get distracted). 

I’ve included a small sample in its current state.

A work in progress – it ain’t done yet!

What did I get done?

As usual I kept up the pace with my daily drawings. I completed another line drawing which is poised and ready for digital enhancement. I also had some scraps of good drawing paper kicking around, sooo … why not draw on them. One of them was going quite well and then — along comes my tyrannical feline taskmaster

Apparently it was her opinion that I was too relaxed. It was her duty to send my stress level to the top. That stress manifested itself in the drawing below. I imagine I could have simply tossed the image in the trash, but instead why not scan it and mess around with it. 

An 8B pencil is just not back enough!

This is what it became, nothing great, but not horrible either. The cool thing about it is that the trees I viciously obliterated using a heavy handed 8B pencil reappear.

Viola — a black velvet painting I can sell from a curb side Van.

Simply adding a layer blending mode of “Subtract”  and adding more colour brush work on lower layers created an interesting result. However, the final image reminds me of a “black velvet” painting —bleh.

 And of course my feline taskmaster makes an appearance in the header image of this post.

Oh yes, I also did some quick experimenting with the following image. Nothing special but fun with zero expectations.

Original line drawing – ink.
Quick colour experimentation

So this week was a “Blip”! 

Perhaps next week I shall be back on track. 

Speaking of blips; normally my daily drawings on Instagram average about 30-40 likes per image. However, the image posted on March 5/21 inexplicably ballooned to over 650 likes in one day. I use basically the same hash tags everyday. The only thing that changed was the drawing and the caption.

Here’s the blipped image.

Caption: Nothing quite like living on the edge.
650+ likes in one day – BLIP!!

Talk at you next week.


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