Lost … again!

As usual I start another digital painting (if you can call it that) and immediately feel lost. The first thought I need to oppress is the feeling: “I don’t know what I’m doing — again”.

The next negative roadblock is: “this is going to take way longer than I thought”. I push those nasty little thoughts aside and continue. I focus on the process I have developed for myself. This is usually enough to settle my artistic anxiety. If I can get past these internal annoyances I’m on my way. 

The Colour Digitization Process

With that said, below are some pics from this weeks digital colourization project. In my last post I hinted that I might try something different this week. Well, that did not happen. 

Time mis-behaved and failed to grant me access. In other words, I was too lazy and cowardly to try something new. Perhaps next week I’ll give it a shot. 

I managed to “whip up another” glorified doodle to be on deck for next weeks project, unless I get ambitious and try something different. 

Another doodle for consideration

Inner Brain Doodle 9 

I have one comment about the following image. I’m okay with the final result (kind of), however, as is the case with most of my projects I had to “just stop”.  There are many things I could try to “perfect it” but perfection is unattainable, unless of course you are God or the universe. I think the universe is perfect — is it? Hmm, interesting thought, fortunately I don’t have the education nor the brain power to discuss such a thing. 

Original doodle
Initial colour gradient background to establish values going forward
Create a solid layer of the drawing to use as the base for clipping masks
Line drawing used as top layer – all layers are placed below this top layer
Establish dark values and lighting – clipping mask
Start adding colour choices on new layer – clipping mask
Continue adding colour and hi-lights on new layer – clipping mask
At this point I add the previous two projects to the background with various layer blending modes to create a sense of depth and atmosphere
Cleaned up the line art on the top layer to finalize the image – click to view larger image

That’s it … done.

No special image for email readers since I used the above image as the post header.

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