Works for me … this time!

I usually trash talk my work (someone has to) … but not this week. The final image may or may not be of any value, but the process worked for me.

A number of my previous images are digital colourizations of ink and graphite drawings. First I would do a “mindless doodle” line drawing and then render the values and textures with graphite. The next step is to digitize the image and colour it. Sometimes it works out, other times not. This week it did.

I don’t know if the final image itself is any good but I succeeded at doing what I wanted.

This weeks challenge was to create a line drawing only and then do the rendering of values and textures digitally. I was pleasantly pleased with the process. 

Although I have used PhotoShop since it’s early days in the late 90’s I never actually “painted” with it. I mostly used PhotoShop for photo manipulation and colour optimization. Upon retirement I no longer have access to PhotoShop. I feel the software is over-priced unless your business or employer is willing to foot the bill. 

Yep, I know I just had an opinion — my bad. Anyway, I’m currently using Pixelmator Pro for the Mac. It fills most of my needs but not all, so I have purchased Affinity Photo, which so far seems to match PhotoShop quite well. I’m not about to do a software review so enough of that.

Time to have a gander at what my result was this week.

The Colour Digitization Process

Over the past few weeks I have been struggling with the process. I think it’s mainly due to “impatience”. The average drawing time before digital is about 3-4 hours. The colourization process usually requires at least another 2-3 hours (or more). I tend to get antsy and the frustration sets in. However, not this week, I was mentally prepared. I took a deep breath and “just did it”! 

Also check out the image scheduled for next week (maybe) — I may try something different.

Line drawing for next week — maybe?

Inner Brain Doodle 8

Check out the process below.

Original drawing – create lines only layer
Create background atmosphere from previous digital painting
Using a clipping mask of the line drawing add base colour
Add dark values on new layer using the line drawing as a clipping mask
Add colour and lighter values on another clipping mask layer of the line drawing
Final image – added new line drawing layer above all layers to refine line work – click image to see larger image

At this point (for email readers) I normally add the image used as a header, not today because the header is the image above.

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