Back on track

After a few misses over the last few posts I managed to create something I’m reasonably satisfied with.

Of course this is my opinion of which I am seldom correct. Based upon questionable scientific research from the previous post apparently I have no idea what works or what doesn’t. 

With the above statement then it would seem that because I think the following image is not so bad it actually is perhaps — not so good? Oh well, does it really matter? I think not, and that is why I continue to show my work regardless of what I think

Unfortunately you the reader of this post or previous ones are subject to either a good piece of work or something of a less stellar nature. At the very least I hope you find the following image worth more than the average 2 second glance.

The Colour Digitization Process

Before I continue here is the image I will attempt to colourize next post. I have chosen to draw only a line version and attempt to render the values and lighting within the graphics software.

Good luck to me!

Line drawing for colouring next week

Inner Brain Doodle Seven

The original drawing as per several of the previous colourized images is a line drawing which is then rendered with graphite pencils — H, HB and B. The paper is 140 lb. smooth Bristol.

The following images demonstrate most of the major steps required to reach the end goal.

Rendered drawing before import
Establish background colours and atmosphere & include image from a previous work
Enhance the overall tonal values of the drawing
Add colour and continue to develop darks and lights
Final image – click to enlarge

Note: I finally purchased a HUION PenTablet a few weeks ago. Using a mouse is like painting with a brick. 

I used this weeks final image as the header so email readers just need to look up the page and click the image to enlarge.

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